What is AudioPreview?

August 20th, 2009

AudioPreview is a small command-line tool for Linux that can play previews of:

  • Audio Files
    • mp3, ogg, flac, rm, wma...
  • Video Files
    • avi, mpg, ogg, mkv, ...
  • Internet Streams
    • radio stations, video streams and audio streams, ...

It is also...

  • lightweight
    • Only 66 Kb in size as a binary (or even 22Kb if debug information are stripped)
    • Uses around 8mb in memory size (compared to 53mb for Banshee!)
  • extensible
    • It is based on Gstreamer framework. Using the Gstreamer plugins you can play almost any formats!
  • easy to use and fast
    • Written in C.
    • Using the command-line, you can play a preview very quickly (e.g. audiopreview yourfile.mp3).
    • Starts playing in less than a second, even when asked to play hundreds of files!

Note: You might need to install the necessary plugins to play some formats like mp3, rm, wma, ...

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